LibGDX Flame (3D Particle Editor) binaries

Yesterday the libGDX pull request 2005 has been merged into the core. It contained a whole new 3D particle engine made by @lordjone.

There is no wiki page yet, but that will change soon. For now you can see how to use it in the ParticleControllerTest. The result of that looks like this:

Preview of the ParticleControllerTest

Beautiful! Feel free to grab the editor from below, try it yourself and share your effects!

The editor

It did not only contain the 3D particle engine itself though, but even an editor to create and preview different particle effects. A runnable JAR file of the editor called Flame can be downloaded here. It can either be run via a double-click on the file in most operating systems, or on the command-line via the following:

java -jar flame.jar

Here you can see a screenshot of it in action:

Preview of the FlameEditor

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